...And it is my passion to find out what it is!

My design story started at a young age, where I used to create worlds and miniature models from shoeboxes.

I wanted to become an inventor and create many things!


During my study I started working as a footwear designer.

At that time I served various brands and customers for the international private label industry.

While travelling in Asia and Europe, I enjoyed doing material sourcing, the communication with sales, suppliers, development and encountered the challenges that the design process brings, to make the best products possible. 


Through my work as professional footwear designer Footwear Stories started to submerge. Special footwear projects from special materials like old furniture designed for special occasions.

In 2016 I decided to start my design agency: 'Basu Design'.

I proceeded my journey as a freelance designer for the footwear industry.

Specialized in sneakers and sports related footwear like: 'outdoor, hiking and sandals, but I also design casual footwear, rainboots, indoor slippers and have experience in graphic design for sports apparel'.


If you want to talk about footwear, design or brainstorm, please let me know. 


Barbara Schilling

  • Commercial Footwear design
  • Material sourcing
  • Collection planning
  • Contact shoe suppliers
  • Trend consultancy
  • Moodboards 
  • Concept ideas
  • Art direction

Let me know what you need