Time Travel

I browse through the materials, smell the leather and feel all the different textures in front of me.

From fluffy to smooth and velvet like, to sturdy and crackled. What will the future bring and what will we contribute to improve the way we look at fashion?

It makes me feel anxious, but also excited when I think about future possibilities and developments at present time.

We are eager to learn about future technologies, but what can we learn from the past?  


We dive into our research and come back with new ideas for current projects and projects to come. Shifting from one timeframe to another. 

Who says time travel isn't possible?  

In the past decades many changes took place. But on some levels it seems like time has been standing still.

Productions under tight economic pressure, squeezed out a part of the creative process and pushed back the awareness of our environment as well.


We live in a world full of (mis)information and internet hypes. This could be very interesting and challenging if your business is depending on it. 

Who is doing what, how and when? What does it mean?

And even more important; 'How does it affect your business'?


By doing a lot of research, ask questions and analyze: 

What is going on in the world?

What colours do we see? 



We interpret all the information gathered and create leading directions for commercial collections, together with our clients. That's our goal.


You already have amazing stories to tell, we only need to put our heads together and share ideas to make the best products possible.