24. juli 2020
You already have amazing stories to tell, we only need to put our heads together and share ideas to make the best products possible.

12. maart 2018
About footwear design, how the design process works and footwear assignments for the kids. They have two months to design their own shoe, to think about their targetgroup, make a planning, follow the steps of the design process, prepare a prototype and make a presentation. It was great to meet this class of amazing kids and I'm looking forward to follow their process and seeig the results :)

05. december 2017
It's a fact! We've moved into a new workspace. We? Yes, we. A year and a half ago, I revived my old company Basu Design. It was originally founded in 2009 and started as a design company solely for the footwear industry. Now Basu Design is doing a variety of projects in footwear design, branding and art projects for the city of Almere. Although I am an "einzelgänger" I enjoy teaming up with other companies as well :). So now, here we are... I'm renting a new space together with other creatives!